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Dies ist eine neue, qualitativ hochwertige, individuell bedruckt, kunstdruckreproduktion. Wir verwenden erstklassige materialien und die neueste drucktechnologie zu erstellen. Wir sind sehr zuversichtlich, dass sie gerne durch alle aspekte des ...

16,78 EUR*
Details Positive Discipline for Children with Special Needs: Raising and Teaching All Children to Become Resilient, Responsible, and Respectful (Positive Discipline Library)

Positive Discipline for Children with Special Needs Over 2 Million Positive Discipline Books Sold! A Positive Approach To Helping Children With Special Needs Realize Their Potential "Every" child deserves to lead a happy and fulfilling life. For ...

17,93 EUR*
Details Amish Children

Amish Children With unforgettable photos that are immediate, artistic, and respectful, Irwin shows moments within the Amish community and explores what it is like to be an Amish child. 150 color plates.

16,08 EUR*
Details Cut Hand

Homosexuals have been with us forever; queers, pansies, and fags are inventions of European civilizations. But, many New World native cultures view "Two-Spirit" people through more respectful eyes. Cut Hand by Mark Wildyr is a romantic action epic set ...

14,99 EUR*
Details Elvis: Still Taking Care of Business

Elvis "Elvis: Still Taking Care of Business" is arguably the most authentic, no-holds-barred depiction of the greatest entertainer who ever lived. This is the book that the estate doesn't want you to read--it's a balanced, respectful and insightful ...

14,03 EUR*
Details Charles Bukowski Epic Glottis: His Art & His Women (& me)

Charles Bukowski Epic Glottis A respectful, affectionate literary profile of novelist and poet Charles Bukowski (1920-1994). Awarding-winning writer Joan Jobe Smith -- a Pushcart Honoree -- shares up-close, personal recollections of her mentor and ...

24,49 EUR*
Details 176 Ways to Involve Parents: Practical Strategies for Partnering with Families

This very accessible book is filled with practical, doable activities and ideas that will enhance the learning of students by involving parents in a respectful, meaningful, and productive ways' - Judy Chapman, District Principal, Curriculum ...

29,99 EUR*
Details Teaching Children to Care: Classroom Management for Ethical and Academic Growth, K-8

Teaching Children to Care This definitive work about classroom management will show teachers how to turn their vision of respectful, friendly, academically rigorous classrooms into reality. Full description

7,74 EUR*
Details Good Families Don't Just Happen: What We Learned from Raising Our 10 Sons and How It Can Work for You

Based on the knowledge gained from raising their own family, the authors detail principles and real-world experiences that any family--no matter the size, economic status, or cultural background--can use to develop a respectful, compassionate family ...